Improve soil structure

Seaweed extracts boost soil health by improving moisture-holding capacity and promoting the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, due to the presence of alginic acid derivatives.

Alginic acid derivatives, being biodegradable and non-toxic substances, possess unique and valuable properties.
They combine with the metallic ions in the soil to form complexes that absorb moisture, swell, retain soil moisture, and improve soil structure. This induces better aeration and capillary activity of soil pores, which in turn stimulate the growth of the plant root system1.
This is why, the properties of seaweeds and unicellular algae have proved valuable in remediation of soils, especially those contaminated with heavy metals2.
The combination with humic acid based fertilisers increases said property: the humic substances have the ability to form insoluble complexes with metals.

A healthier soil provides the plant with favourable conditions for a healthier and stronger growth.


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