AlgeaFert line for horticulture and agriculture, consists of a range of raw materials for producers of special fertilisers, based on Arctic seaweed. AlgeaFert ingredients can help to improve crop vigour, yields and quality.

High quality seaweed extract ingredients for special fertilizers to feed and strengthen your crop

AlgeaFert products are effective ingredients for special fertilisers and they represent Algea’s core business, that started in 1937. They are nutrient concentrates from Ascophyllum nodosum that are applied to plants to regulate and enhance the crop’s physiological processes, thus making them more efficient. AlgeaFert used as ingredients in biostimulants can help to improve crop strength, harvestable yields, fruit or flower quality. AlgeaFert ingredients can also help the natural support of the vital functions and processes of the plant, that is a complementary action to crop nutrition and crop protection.

The main positive actions of AlgeaFert ingredients are: