Environmental stress

There are numerous studies on the greater resistance to environmental stress, especially cold, of plants treated with seaweed extracts1. Field studies on winter barley (Hordeum vulgare cv Igri) have shown that application of seaweed extract improves winter hardiness and increases frost resistance2.

In adverse environmental conditions, the plant slows down its physiological processes such as photosynthesis, responsible not only for green pigmentation, but also for biomass production. AlgeaFert products, thanks also to their content of active ingredients, help with the biosynthesis and accumulation of chlorophyll in the plant and, as a result, support the photosynthetic process. Positive results were obtained with application of seaweed extracts on several tested species (tomato, bean, wheat, barley, maize)3.

Using the genomic approach we tested the extracts of the AlgeaFert line. The results demonstrated that the genes involved in the response to oxidative stress and various stimuli are activated after AlgeaFert application.

Improved stress resistance and photosynthetic process help the plant to grow healthy, strong and flourishing.

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