AlgeaFeed products, are valuable ingredients for animal nutrition. They promote a healthy and harmonious development of pigs, cattle, poultry, fish, horses and pets thanks to their marine active ingredients.

High quality seaweed meal to grow healthy and strong animals

The AlgeaFeed range offers you solutions for animal nutrition based on a top quality arctic seaweed, the Ascophyllum nodosum, rich in fibre, minerals and natural sea oligo elements.
Our seaweed meals have high-quality ingredients for pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, fish and pets that will make them strong and healthy, in a natural way.

The main benefits associated with the use of the AlgeaFeed products are:

Healthy and balanced growth, guaranteed by a balanced mixture of micro-elements, mostly naturally chelated and therefore more easily assimilated than their synthetic equivalents. The active ingredients help to improve the animals' metabolism.
The natural sea minerals found in the brown seaweed can stimulate the physiological response of animals to stress and help them to stay healthy and strong1. For example, they help to decrease the incidence of mastitis in cattle.

The rich fibre intake facilitates the smooth functioning of the intestines and thus improves the animals' health.
In poultry, for example, AlgeaFeed meals help to improve the quality of the eggs, while in cattle they help to increase milk production. In horses, the natural iodine intake helps to optimise the well-being of the animal.