Ethics: values that create value

For over 80 years in Norway, we work in extreme climatic conditions: the cold and the silence of this land, on the edge of the world, have taught us respect.
Respect for an uncontaminated territory, where the midnight sun shines and the tides transform the landscape, where it is not uncommon to see whales in the clear waters, under a deep blue sky; but also respect for the people that live in these places, because they have wisely given us their knowledge of the methods of collection and use of seaweed, ensuring an eco-sustainable work to this day.

This respect is the foundation of our ethics, a system of values that gives top priority to passion for one's work and for customers; responsibility towards the environment, cohesion and multiculturalism, including confidence in innovation.

Respecting these values at corporate level is actually a commitment to ourselves, as testified by strict certification procedures on products and processes:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Passion for customers, products and work
  • Responsibility for ourselves, others and the environment
  • Cohesion and multiculturalism
  • Faith in innovation Valagro Group Values