Hearty poultry, better eggs

Chickens and turkeys require a diet that is able to meet their nutritional needs: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. AlgeaFeed seaweed meals contain mineral macro and micro elements that get assimilated more rapidly compared to synthetic products, thanks to natural chelating agents, ideal for a balanced diet1 and growth.

The active substances also act on the metabolism in a natural way, improving the performance of the animals. The addition of brown seaweed to the feed of these animals has been shown in some cases to increase the size of the egg yolk2. Some trace elements, moreover, help the formation of tougher eggshells, with considerable benefits to the production of eggs.

1 - Soldevila and Almodovar (1982) reported that seaweeds can be used as 5% of balanced diets in chickens.
2 - The nutritive value of seaweed meal for domestic animals, Jensen A. et al