Algea collects and processes algae like Ascophyllum nodosum to make extracts and phytocomplexes for use in agriculture and animal feed.

Algea, the Arctic Company

Algea the Arctic Company

In Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, in one of the purest habitats in the world, we have been harvesting and processing Ascophyllum nodosum with great passion for over 80 years.

Because this seaweed undergoes strong climate stress due to being sometimes exposed to the sun and bad weather and other times immersed into freezing Arctic waters it developed active components of the highest quality and purity. We harvest Ascophyllum nodosum following a strict process to preserve its quality, with tools and technologies that are so advanced that they leave the environment completely unchanged.
Processing takes place near harvesting areas to keep all the properties intact. As well as our first site, we have built a new ultra-modern plant to process seaweed.

In 2002 we joined the Valagro Group, sharing their vision:

Meet people's needs using up the least amount of resources thanks to a new awareness that is able to use science for the benefit of mankind through innovation while respecting nature at the same time.

Thanks to the Geapower technology system developed by Valagro, we gained complete knowledge of the Ascophyllum nodosum. We can therefore design and develop innovative solutions using seaweed for specific purposes: for agricolture and animal feed.

Production chain checks, attention to the environment and to the population of the surrounding areas and the strict tests we run on our products make us a point of reference worldwide for the production and marketing of seaweed products.