AlgeaEsthe Cream is an extract of Ascophyllum nodosum, the Norwegian marine alga with numerous properties. Natural active ingredients, algal colloids of low molecular weight as well as bioavailable antioxidants make it a key ingredient for the care and well-being of skin on the body, hands and face.
Our ingredient was tested by formulating it in a face cream, showing its effectiveness after just four weeks of treatment.

75% of the women who took part in the sensory test stated that AlgeaEsthe Cream effectively lightens and illuminates, whilst 70% said it reduced fine lines1.

Instrumental tests show skin is more radiant and a decrease in brown skin discolouration, with statistically significant results.

The overall result is therefore firmer, more radiant skin, with a noticeable reduction in visibility of dark spots.


1- Results obtained from Sensory Test. Contact us for more information on key effectiveness tests.