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  • Algea, fertilizer based on algae
  • Algea collects and processes algae like Ascophyllum nodosum
  • Algea make extracts and phytocomplexes based on brown seaweed
  • AlgeaFood products contain active ingredients that are ideal for your well-being
  • AlgeaFeed products, are valuable ingredients for animal nutrition, specially poultry feed and cattle feed
  • AlgeaFood products contain active ingredients that are ideal for natural skin care
  • AlgeaFert line consists of a range of raw materials for producers of special fertilisers, based on Arctic seaweed.
  • Algea is a natural concentrate of active principles particularly useful as cosmetic ingredients in beauty products.
  • Algea produces fertilizers for organic farming

In Cosmetics, the first year for Algea

In-Cosmetics, for us, represented the right place to show our beauty solutions, key ingredients for great cosmetics useful for skin care. We hardly work in order to meet the needs of the market proposing a product range supported by accredited efficacy studies and that respects the environment.
We hope everyone enjoyed the fair and they have found in us a reliable supplier for their Business!

See you next year, at In-Cosmetics Hamburg!!

AlgeaEsthe Products

Connect with us:

Ph: +47 71 58 09 50
Fax: +47 71 58 09 51

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